Monday, December 13, 2004

The Seven Points - Introduction


The Seven points ( which will be listed in the next post ) addresses the critical issues of the idenities of the peoples of the Middle East, and the emotional, and ethnocentric sociopolitical forces which desires their own liberation.

What this also does, at the sametime, presents an entire new picture of Zionism as an authentic formula for regional liberation within the Middle East. The unfortunate factor which has crippled the Zionist movement, as a whole, is that the founding fathers did not fully comprehend what they were espousing. This cause both the Zionist founders. and the subsequent development of the Modern State of Israel, to be vulnerable to Arab ethnocentric ( which even predates their acceptance of Islam ) aggressive and agitated behaviorisms, and most of all superstitions about Arab Jews /World Jewry.

Then came the Holocaust. Unwillingly as a result the Arabs, their pro - German stance-along with Anti - British feelings, and subsequent the Arab civilization became screwed historically into the continuation of the War of genocide against World Jewry.

Nevertheless, it is the circle relationship between the genocide of the Armenian Peoples, and European Jewry which is one the greatest portals of discovery. There are others. Moreover, this allows others ( the world at large ) to rediscover the single importance of the creation of the State of Israel, and the founding principal of it's very existance.

What both the Zionist, Israelis, World Jewry, and Israeli supporters must involk personally, as part of our personalities, is that WE can not afford to be further isolated, nor dominated, by the socio-cultural delayed stresses - it's triggering sociopolitical deep emotional pathologies - caused by the Holocaust. There will always be very. very painful reminders, and the human conditions of awareness horrible. We will always bear the Tatoo'ed numbers on our arms. The Jewish personality must evolve which comprehends and encompasses the security necessities to be adapted as a result of the Holocuast, but must embrace very, very directly a more fundemental and fully an expectation of full and enlighten liberation. This includes The National Jewish Liberation of " The Torah ." The curse of the Holocaust must be felt more fundementally by the world at large instead of it being a further burden upon the emotions, and righteous sense of innate gentleness of World Jewry. It others who must comprehend the degree of it's full impact upon wolrd Jewry, and must assume more fundementally the guilt associated by this series of genocidal events known as the Holocaust. Thereby setting the stage of socio-cultural cohesion between World Jewry and the Armenian peoples among others within the Middle East Region. This is absolutely imperative! Then there will be Peace !

There are the Kurds, Lebanese, and other Hellenic Peoples who in ones investigation of their historic time lines suffered the same intollerances, as did Arab Jews, by various existing regimes in the Middle East - for not being Arab. The unfortunate element, is that they did have the guns nor the military chohesive structures to bring about their own liberation. Where as the Zionist did.

Thus, this is an attempt to open a window and to allow some real fresh air in.

Zionsim new frontier is how can it be exported to other oppressed peoples in the region.



Sunday, December 12, 2004


Shalom al' Israel !

This is special BlogSite which will be use as a bridge between the various Zionist websites, and to strengthen their rankings too!

One such WebSite, this BlogSite is to improve is MSN's Israel Information Center Ithaca, which is now page two ranked, and almost page one. Israel Information Center Ithaca.