Sunday, April 27, 2008

Why Cultural Zionism

The evidence now indicates the following:

Based upon interviews( since 1973 ) of both Arab - Palestinians, and Israeli Students, and an American co - joined interviews of Jewish and Non-Jewish students at various institutions of higher education within Western, New York, and Ontario, Canada, I have established a working perception of the realities which exist within the Middle- East. It was from an article by Avramham Burg, The End of Zionism, republished in The Independent Media, Monday, September 15, 2003, from an article first publsihed in The Guardian, which got me going on this project.

Of course I wrote the only reaction, though sad'ly un-editied, to this, see

Sad'der yet it was deleted. as of March 2, 2006, by the radical leftists who I discovered was herself Jewish.Moreover, and largely due to my other past associations with International Student/Scholars, agian within higher education of Western, New York, I have compared their experiences, and informaion reguarding Israel to the Arabs' and Israelis' interviews, especially from those who recieved their under graduate education in the Soviet Union. This comparison revealed a deeper and darker side. This under-lined the real danger in Mr. Avramham Burg's statements, and other similar articles within both the present media, and especially in the internet Independent Media it self. The follow through studies, as a result of all the interviews, which dicated the direction of research, as above proved to be shocking.Foremost discovery was a critical and alarming Judaic studies conducted by the Soviet Union on who or what are The Jewish Peoples', initiated by Joseph Stalin, who was to face a personal anxiety of acquiring a Jewish son - in - law, by his daughter's marriage, and further acknowledging in his eye his grandson is Jewish.

Later on, while Arab students were being educated in the Soviet Union, these Judaic studies were shared, and assisted in the early crafted development of the Soviet pedagogic alumni linkages to the infamous Anti - Zioinist Resolution.What these studies revealed is that in essence, there is a sort of collective vulnerability see more by clicking your mouse now and right here.

Moreover from the above link you can likewise give your own views of your own perceptions of what is cultural zionism.


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